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It Starts With Our Youth

Youth Suicide

Yough suicide among our youth is at an all-time high. It's the 2nd leading cause of death in youth suicide in ages 10-24 years old. With social media creating the "best life portray" this has caused additional anxiety and depression than we've ever seen before. Mental health IS health and there are major cultural and stigmas around youth mental health. Our school districts assume that parents are having these conversations with our children and our parents assume our school districts are having these conversations with our children. 


Humans Helping Humans is raising youth mental health awareness through providing innovation video crisis hotline technology to other amazing non-profits that are fighting youth mental health and youth suicide in their local communities to provide a larger reach to impact and save youth lives through virtual video peer to peer conversations. 

Youth Mental Health Drives Substance Abuse Disorders

Youth Substance Abuse Disorder

More youth are experimenting with drugs than ever before. Without addressing the root of the problem when teens go through major depression and anxiety, if not addressed it leads to "self-medication" with substance abuse. Nearly 50% of mental health patients that have sought treatment have a substance abuse disorder. The Opioid crisis has reached our youth in school districts, colleges amoung every town in the United States. The addiction to prescription opioids has to lead to an increase in heroin and fentanyl. Over 40% of the US opioid overdoses are from prescription opioids. 


By addressing the root cause of youth mental health through non-traditional "four walls therapy" methods such as youth video peer to peer conversations about mental health this can reduce youth substance abuse. 

Humans Helping Humans provides innovative video chat technology to substance abuse treatment facilities, schools and organizations to address youth substance abuse and youth mental health issues at the local impact levels.