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What is Telehealth?

 White Paper

  • What statistics are driving patient demands for telehealth?

  • How to transition to patient-centered care, beyond four walls. 

  • Understanding the benefits of telehealth by specialty medicine  

  • What differentiates telehealth vs. video conferencing? 

  • Practical Guide to Implement Telehealth in < 30 days

  • In-depth in innovation in Telemental and Telebehavioral


Carrie Chitsey, CEO of Humans Helping Humans

Why Telemental Health?

and why it's not video conferencing

More Americans are suffering from mental health than ever before. The stigmas and barriers for treatment in mental health need to be solved. The traditional treatment models of mental health have to be enhanced with the new digital era we live in. Patient demands for more convenience are driving the need for virtual healthcare. In addition, youth depression and anxiety continues to rise with our "highlight reel" of social media. It's time for mental health professionals to think beyond the four walls treatment approach in reaching the changing demands for patient convenience. 

Discover the Benefits of Telehealth


Telemental Health is NOT Video Conferencing

There are many factors that contribute to readmission and suicide rates in mental health, some beyond our control. Mental health appointments have the highest no-show rates, most shortage areas and longest wait times for new patients. So how can mental health professionals help to make a difference in their community? By offering video telemental appointments, you can reach more patients while breaking the barriers to access to support underserved areas.


Consumer abandonment rates go up 50% for every 10 seconds added to a website or mobile app experience. Here are things to consider when considering browser-based telemental health solutions. 

Understanding the Benefits of Telemental Health

When understanding the benefits of telehealth you have to look at it from both the psychiatrist experience and the patient experience perspectives. Psychiatrist are looking for better work/life balance while ways to provide better patient outcomes without expensive real estate. Furthermore, it's no longer the patient you have to consider, it's their caregivers who are making healthcare decisions for their loved ones. 

Patient Experience


Patients want ease of connection without downloading third-party apps.


Increase patient satisfaction w/ availability after hours and certain appointment



Provide better access to care for rural demographics to reduce drive times for patients.

Proactive Care

Connect more frequently with a psychiatrist for high-risk and high-need


Psychiatrist Experience


Increase billable revenue while decreasing no show appointments.


Combination of in-person appointments with video telemental health. 


Patient preference on communication methods and convenience. 


Create greater work/life balance and reduce psychiatrist burnout.

Are You Ready For Telehealth?