Deep Rooted Veteran Trauma

Youth trauma untreated in veterans

The United States has higher veteran suicide than any other country. While contraversial one of the leading factors of why the United States fatalities or PTSD is much higher is due to the voluntary joining of our military. A large percentage of our young men and women that join the military have deep rooted trauma that incurred in their youth and it has led them to a path to straighten up their life by joining the military. Once in the military or faced with combat, this bring unaddressed mental health trauma to the forefront. 

The stigma in the military that discussing your mental health issues with a professional could lead to dismissal. Untreated trauma and mental health leads to veteran suicide. So how do we changed that? Veterans helping veterans, enabling video peer to peer support groups that allow veterans to relate to veterans, walking a boot in a boot. 

Dealing with PTS (no "D") through Video Peer to Peer Veteran Connections

Veterans and active military can help each other

Veterans find it really hard to relate to civilian world if they have come back from combat. While in a community environment like the military, around others than know what they are dealing with and are positive tribal communities their mental health issues are under control. When pulled out of that environment and back with their hometowns, family and friends that don't understand what they went through creates depression, anxiety and loneliness. The fear of asking for help from the military mental health professionals has created a stigma of not to due it for fear of consequences. 

Humans Helping Humans aims to impact the mental health of our veterans through video peer to peer support than allows active military and veterans from across the United States to virtual connect "veteran to veteran" to relate, have conversations and create a pathway for help. By enabling these virtual communities, virtual conversations it will extend the brotherhood and reduce isolation and suicide.