Telemental Health’s Impact on

The Future of Behavioral Health

Why the need for Mental Health treatment is so pressing.
What is compounding the crisis?
How to decrease and address barriers to treatment. 
Reimbursement for Telehealth 
The Opioid Crisis: Oklahoma Case Study 
Enhancing the Mental Health Lifecycle with Digital Technology.

More Americans are struggling with behavioral health and addiction than ever before. Stigmas and barriers for treatment with today's consumer have to be solved. The traditional treatment models in behavioral health do not fit today's consumer lifestyles. 


Learn how to use digital technology to reach more people and impact proactive care.


Things We'll Cover


Readmission rates for suicide and risk factors


Emergency Medicine as a stop-gap for mental health treatment


The Youth Mental Health Crisis 


Reimbursement and CPT codes for Telemental Health

Humans Helping Humans is 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing technology innovation through virtual human connections in mental health and substance abuse. We partner with other amazing organizations who are impacting their local communities to expand their reach, impact and build more high touch emotional relationships. 

One Touch Telehealth was created after seeing a need for convenient, simple, affordable, and reliable video patient interactions for practice groups, hospitals, and facilities. 

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