Substance Abuse is a Disease

Every Race, Income Level, and Culture is Affected

Almost every family in the United States is affected by substance abuse. Just ask someone "do you know anyone that has had a drug or alcohol issue?". With the opioid crisis, it has created a new class of Americans that have been hit the hardest by prescription opioids, the male over 40 (professional and blue collar) doesn't matter. 

With less than 10% of people that have a substance abuse issue seeking treatment, we need to focus on the root cause of why people are not seeking treatment. We will address why treatment doesn't work in a traditional model and has lead to 90% relapse rates. Culturally we need to understand that substance abuse is a disease, it's no different than if you had diabetes or heart disease. Would you recommend someone with heart disease not seek treatment? If they didn't, would they die? Same principle. 


Humans Helping Humans are fighting to increase the percentage of people that seek treatment for their disease (they cannot do it alone). Our awareness cannot be done alone, our video crisis hotline technology and video peer to peer counseling can enable other non-profits and treatment facilities to broaden their reach, innovate their outreach programs and improve admissions through video admissions. We know we cannot do it alone but together we can make a larger and faster impact. 


The Opioid Crisis- There Isn't Time to Wait 

Reach, education and impact

You cannot open a magazine, watch TV or get on the internet without hearing about the opioid crisis. The trickle effect of the opioid crisis is larger than you have ever imagined. It's affected the US death rate, crime, first responders mental health, families, child abuse, foster care and we won't even know the real effects until the kids grow up. 

The prescription opioids (hear backstory) have led to heroin and fentanyl problems. Heroin OD's have increased 533% in the last 10 years and 80% of heroin users started with prescription opioids. The government has over $500M in grants available trying to figure out how to fight the opioid crisis. We need to stop being reactive and start being proactive. 

Download our Opioid Crisis Infographic in the US to learn more on how you can be proactive vs. reactive in your local community to fight the opioid crisis. Learn how to use opioid crisis grant awards in your local community to make immediately impact through innovation vs. what's not working. 

Humans Helping Humans is transforming traditional substance abuse treatment models to innovative future models

Traditional Substance Abuse Treatment Model

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Innovative Substance Abuse Treatment Model

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