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1 in 5 adults have a mental health condition but only 56% seek treatment. Mental health and peer to peer video counseling should be accessible regardless of culture, age or location. The mental health stigma and culture barriers start with educating and having conversations with our youth.

Prescription Drugs

Substance abuse is affecting almost every family personally in the US. 197 people die EVERY day from an opioid overdose. Only 10% seek treatment. The opioid crisis has caused a trickle effect into every community in the US, with 80% of heroin users starting with prescription opioids. 

Teen Students

Bullying, drug addiction, and suicide start in our youth ages 14-24. Social media portrays the "best life". Youth cannot relate to the traditional "helplines" models as they do not communicate this way. Start a video conversation "human to human". 

Family Portrait

Our veterans experience high addiction, suicide, and mental health rates. Most don't know where to turn as civilians cannot always relate. Veteran to veteran video chat can impact and save lives instantly. More veterans die on US soil than battlegrounds.