The Future of Online Behavioral Therapy Programs

This month The Executive Innovation Show in collaboration with Humans Helping Humans debuts the series “Mental Health is Health!”, in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we will be releasing five podcasts all covering the topic of mental health.  

In this episode of The Executive Innovation Show Podcast, Carrie Chitsey and Daniel Miller speak with Dale Cook. Dale Cook is the co-founder and CEO at Learn to Live, Inc., an engagement and consumer-driven healthcare company that provides coach-supported, digital cognitive behavioral therapy programs for people suffering from mental health problems. Dale has been recognized as one of the “(REAL) Power50 in healthcare by MN Business magazine, has been awarded the Leader in Healthcare Innovation in 2017 and featured in national publications like Forbes and Oprah magazine. 

Listen in as we discuss topics such as: 

  • From 2013 to present, Learn to Live has covered over 2 million lives! Listen and discover more about Learn to Live and Dale’s quest to help others who are struggling with mental health. 

  • Mental health is health! Hear Dale explain how greater awareness of mental health in the last few years has led to more investment into the issue via healthcare plans, employers and higher education institutions. 

  • What are “silent suffers” and how has stigma in mental health contributed to “silent suffers”? What are driven in outreach and tools to help people suffering from depression and anxiety. 

  • Carrie, Daniel, and Dale discuss the rise in youth mental health attributed to social media “best life forward”, how is Generation Z coping? 

  • One of the largest underserved demographics are people who live in rural areas. Listen in on how Learn to Live has developed online courses, coaching services and more to better serve and reach rural and unserved demographics. 

  • Learn more about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). What is CBT and how is it effective for those dealing with mental health obstacles?

  • As digital and instant accessibility continues to grow, hear what Dale Cook believes to be the next step in mental health technology innovation over the next few years. 

Want to take part in one of Learn to Live’s programs? Use the code “POD2019” for a free trial for Mental Health Month in May.  

All month long we will be covering mental health topics in honor of Mental Health Awareness month. To learn how to get involved with Humans Helping Humans to raise awareness for mental health donateand  become part of our influencer network/ market council.

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