Podcast: Children Without Parental Care – Foster Care & Orphans

In this episode of The Executive Innovation Show Podcast, Carrie Chitsey and Daniel Miller speak with Caroline Boudreaux. Caroline Boudreaux founded the Miracle Foundation to reunite orphans with their families. They are an Austin, TX based international non-profit that brings life-changing care to orphaned and vulnerable children. With over 160 franchise orphanages and 2000+ children impacted.

Listen in on topics discussed during this podcast such as: 

  • Hear the touching story from Caroline Boudreaux about Mother’s Day of 2000 that changed her life and so many others lives. See why this is the only podcast that has ever brought Carrie and Daniel to tears. 

  • Learn more about the Miracle Foundation and their effort to eradicate orphanages by 2040. 

  • Caroline talks about the challenges of originally starting an international adoption agency and how her model changed after visiting 26 orphanages blossomed to create a franchise model for orphanages. She explains the operational efficiencies and orphanage model now in over 167 locations using the Miracle Foundation model. 

  • Learn about how Miracle Foundation operates according to “12 rights of a child” and the importance for these rights for kids and how they correlate into their operations manual. 

  • Understand the struggles that foster families in the US undergo with child care, doctors’ appointments, transportation and why most kids have on average four families and the impact that it can have on a child’s mental health. How do we impact this? 

  • As 2019 roars on, Miracle Foundation is exploring new technology to help foster families provide better care and relieve some of the stress they face. 

Keep up with the emotional story of the Miracle Foundation by visiting their website. To find out more about how you can get involved, visit MiracleFoundation.org.

To learn more about Humans Helping Humans non-profit and support the fight on youth mental health and substance abuse.

Listen to the podcast here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/81623/945107-children-without-parental-care-foster-care-orphans-with-caroline-boudreaux