Podcast: Breaking Down the Mental Health Stigma Walls: Brick by Brick

In this episode of The Executive Innovation Show Podcast, Carrie Chitsey speaks with Michelle Dickinson-Moravek and Courtney Blanton about how to break down the mental health stigma walls. 

Michelle Dickinson-Moravek has been in the pharmaceutical industry for over 18 years. She is currently an associate director at Johnson & Johnson. She is the author of "Breaking Into My Life" and a social moderator at the non-profit 18 Percent. Michelle is out to raise awareness and compassion for those struggling with mental illness. 

Courtney Blanton is the Executive Director of the Hi How Are You Project, an Austin-based, nonprofit organization inspiring new conversations about mental health issues by funding and creating thoughtful media content, projects, and events. 

Listen in as we discuss topics such as: 

  • We talk to Michelle Dickinson about her struggle growing up with a bipolar mother. We hear about the obstacles that come along with this experience and the empowerment Michelle found through her story. 

  • We speak about the stigma that Michelle experienced with her mother’s bipolar disorder and why language is very important when it comes to removing the mental health stigma. 

  • Hear the advice given to both children and adults who have a loved one with a mental illness. How to not get lost in being a mental health caregiver and take care of yourself too. 

  • Courtney tells her story why the how Hi, How Are You? was started and it's relationship with the arts and music (Austin City Limits). She speaks on dealing with mental health issues her whole life and how people can take control of their situation. 

  • How can the entertainment industry raise awareness of mental health and educate others? 

  • We discuss the art of Daniel Johnston and the story behind his murals across the city of Austin, Texas. He has been recognized by the Flaming Lips and even Kurt Cobain. 

To find out more about these amazing ladies, follow their journeys and non-profits. 

To find out what Humans Helping Humans is doing to raise awareness and impact mental health. 

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