Podcast: Opioid Crisis, It's a Community Fight

Carrie Chitsey Wells has guest Dr. Christine Cauffield, CEO of Lutheran Services of Florida Health Systems on the Executive Innovation Show Podcast. Dr. Cauffield has been instrumental in fighting the opioid epidemic in Florida, through grants, peer to peer training, university training and much more.

Listen to Carrie ask Dr. Cauffield about the pilot program with the Florida Blue Foundation to provide peer to peer counseling and additional Narcan supplies to hospitals, ER's and doctor's offices. Hear her thoughts on what communities should be doing to be "creative and innovative" to impact their own community. 

Some eye opening statistics that were discussed: 

  • Heroin OD’s have quadrupled since 2002, opioid OD’s increased 30% in less than 10 months last year in 52 areas in 45 states. 

  • With over 40% of all US opioid, OD’s coming from prescription opioids. 80% of heroin users started with prescription opioids. 

  • Drug use increased by 63%, 3.8M people said they have tried heroin. 

  • CDC estimates 2.6-5M people have an opioid disorder but less than 10% seek treatmentCrime and burglary have increased dramatically in almost every county across the US as a direct result. Trump’s Council of Economic Affairs said in Nov the epidemic cost the economy $504 BILLION in 2015 alone. THAT’S 1 YEAR. 

Make sure you listen to the last 7 minutes when Dr. Cauffield and Carrie Chitsey Wells both talk about why they are personally passionate about the opioid crisis and share their stories.