Podcast: Has the Opioid Crisis Increased Child Abuse?

In this episode of The Executive Innovation Show Podcast Carrie Chitsey and Daniel Miller speak with Daphne Young. Young is the Chief Communications Officer for the non-profit, Child Help. Child Help advocates for abused and neglected children. Their prevention program Speak Up Be Safe gifts the nation's communities with the skills to prevent or interrupt cycles of abuse.  

Listen in on topics discussed during this podcast such as: 

  • The story of why actresses Sara O’Meara and Yvonne Fedderson started the women- led organization that has helped over 10 million children. 

  • The trickle down effect of the opioid crisis into child welfare, child abuse and the greater need for Child Help. 

  • How they use Speak Up Be Safe in rural communities to advocate for and educate children who may be going through abuse.

  •  Has the rise in opioid epidemic in rural communities increased the calls into the National Child Abuse Hotline?

  • How new digital technologies has changed their method of outreach and communication. With more children looking to text rather than call. Is the next wave of Gen Z digital communications going to be video chat? How is Child Help innovating with their advocacy and treatment centers? 

Keep up to date with Child Help and their amazing work or if you know a child in need call 1-800-4-A-CHILD.  

To download the Youth Mental Health Infographic mentioned in this podcast. To learn more about Humans Helping Humans non-profit and support the fight on the opioid crisis and youth mental health.