Oklahoma’s Big Wins Against Pharma in the Opioid Crisis

This month The Executive Innovation Show in collaboration with the non-profit Humans Helping Humans debuts the series “Mental Health is Health!”, in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month.

In this episode of The Executive Innovation Show Podcast, Carrie Chitsey speaks with Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter, who was elected as the state’s eighteenth attorney general on Nov. 6, 2018. One of his top priorities is the safety and security of all Oklahomans, which is why a primary initiative of his has been to end the state’s opioid overdose and addiction epidemic. 

Listen in on topics discussed such as:

  • Learn how the opioid crisis has affected the state of Oklahoma. Hear the statistics such as “In the last 15 years, drug OD deaths in OK have increased by 91%.” Did you know that in 14 counties surrounding Tulsa, there were enough prescription opioids available for each person to have 90 pills? Hear these stats and more to understand the trickle effect it’s had on crime, overdose deaths and child welfare.

  • Hear Attorney General Mike Hunter talk about what made him passionate about going after pharmaceutical companies. He explains the steps his office took to combat the opioid crisis in Oklahoma from going after drug dealers, and pill mill doctors.  

  • Fighting against Big Pharma, Attorney General Mike Hunter won a historical settlement with Purdue Pharma for $270M. Of that, $200M will go to an endowment at Oklahoma State University Center for Wellness and Recovery to treat the ongoing addiction epidemic nationwide. Listen in as we discuss other huge wins from the lawsuit and what made Mike Hunter stand up to Big Pharma. In addition, $12.5M will go towards providing funds to directly abate and address the opioid epidemic’s effect on Oklahoma cities and counties. Purdue will not promote, employ or contract with sales representatives to health care providers in Oklahoma. 

  • AG Mike Hunter dishes out the advice he has for other Attorney Generals across the nation who are fighting the opioid crisis following his historic win.  He talks about what is ahead in his upcoming case against Johnson & Johnson and Teva.

  • What criteria did AG Mike Hunter use to build the commissioner council to help fight the opioid battle? What approach and individuals make up this council to create change in Oklahoma? 

  • What change will we all see in Oklahoma in the next 3 to 5 years as a result of these historic wins against Purdue Pharma? Listen as we discuss the change and hope for Oklahoma. 

Want to keep up with Attorney Generals Mike Hunter’s fight against the opioid crisis? Visit www.oag.ok.gov

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