Mental Health Stigmas in the Jewish Community

This month The Executive Innovation Show in collaboration with the non-profit Humans Helping Humans debuts the series “Mental Health is Health!”. In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we will be releasing five podcasts all covering the topic of mental health. 

In this episode of The Executive Innovation Show Podcast, Carrie Chitsey and Daniel Miller speak with Fay Brezel. Fay Brezel is a licensed therapist and founder of OKclarity, a platform connecting the Jewish community with elite mental health professionals.

Listen in as we discuss topics such as: 

  • Hear the backstory about OKClarity. What made Fay Brezel want to get involved in helping those within the Jewish community when it comes to mental health? She describes her passion and the path that led to the founding OKClarity. 

  • Mental health has received a negative stigma among many cultures, races, and ethnic groups. In this podcast, we talk about the similarities and also differences that surround the mental health stigma in the Jewish community. 

  • Listen to a unique view of youth mental health in the Jewish community. Fay discusses the pressures faced with the youth Jewish community with parental expectations when it comes to school, dating, and marriage. Do these factors contribute to anxiety and/or depression? Carrie asks about cultural differences and similarities.  

  • Who is having the “talk” about mental health to the Jewish youth? Are school counselors and teachers more trained on this topic now? We discuss how the conversation about mental health will change within the next decade.  

  • While therapists who are listed on OKClarity don’t need to be Jewish, we talk about the importance of speaking to someone whom you can relate to. Hear how speaking with someone who understands your culture vs. who is not, adds a much-needed layer of connection.  

  • Being in NYC there is a lot of workplace pressures that other areas may not experience. Hear how the Jewish community’s pressure of having a family add to the workplace pressure of NYC and how it affects mental health. 

  • As the talk about mental health becomes more progressive, Fay Brezel gives her advice to C-Suite executives on how they can understand the drivers of mental health and better support their employees. How can executives go past conversation and actually implement practices to help their employees with mental health? 

  • Fay Brezel talks about how she uses technology innovation like video mental health appointments to make therapy more convenient for people and reduce no-show rates.  

For professionals across the 50 states who work with the Jewish community or have a desire to do so, visit OKclarity. Say hi to founder / Fay at

All month long we will be covering mental health topics in honor of Mental Health Awareness month. To learn how to get involved with Humans Helping Humans to raise awareness for mental health donateand become part of our influencer network.