Podcast - HR Tips for Adding Blind Employees Into Your Organization

In this episode of The Executive Innovation Show Podcast, Carrie Chitsey and Daniel Miller speak with Mike May. Mike May is Executive Director of the William L. Hudson BVI Workforce Innovation Center, an initiative launched early last year to tackle the 70% unemployment rate among people who are blind and visually impaired through training, job placement and the provision of accessibility inclusion expertise to businesses throughout the United States. Blinded by a chemical explosion at the age of three, he regained partial vision at the age of 46 via cornea transplants and a pioneering stem cell procedure. His career has included roles as a political analyst for the CIA and as the founder of the Sendero Group, a tech company staffed almost entirely by individuals who are visually impaired. Mike is the subject of the book, “Crashing Through: A True Story of Risk, Adventure and the Man Who Dared to See,” by journalist and New York Times best-selling author Robert Kurson. 

Listen in on topics discussed during this podcast such as:  

  • Learn more about the brave story of Mike May that led him on this journey to help those who are blind and visually impaired.

  • Hear about the struggle of the visually impaired and why companies should consider investing in a new talent tool.  

  • Listen to the biggest employment challenges for the visually impaired that contributes to the 70% unemployment rate of blind individuals.

  • Hear about the struggles they face within the interview process. The top five things HR departments and executives should consider when exploring recruiting and hiring job candidates with disabilities such visually impaired.  

  • Mike helps us understand some of the preconceived obstacles in hiring the visually impaired and how Envision to working to place, train and consult with companies to navigate those waters.  

  • What is on the roadmap for Envision in 2019 for expansion into their own products, services and getting more outsourced employment in the technology space. 

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