Podcast: Can Video Outpatient Substance Abuse Model Work?

In this episode of The Executive Innovation Show Podcast, Carrie Chitsey and Daniel Miller speak with Peter Loeb. Peter Loeb is the co-founder and CEO of Lionrock Recovery. He comes from 2 decades in Silicon Valley, he’s a Harvard MBA that got into the substance abuse after seeing family and friends struggle with substance abuse disorders.

Listen in on topics discussed during this podcast such as:  

  • Learn more about the 100% video based substance abuse program at Lionrock Recovery that has no physical locations.

  • Fighting the odds, how does the virtual model stand up against the traditional model for brick and mortar inpatient/outpatient programs.   

  • Hear the data and statistics on relapse and success rates of the virtual video counseling vs. traditional model.    

  • What are the demographics and characteristics of patients looking for a virtual outpatient treatment program? 

  • What is broken with the traditional substance abuse treatment models “aftercare program” and the adaptability of getting back into your normal life? In the US, less than 10% of people with a substance abuse program actually seek treatment.

  • Hear some patient satisfaction metrics that Lionrock is getting from their patients and why 60% of patients this is their first ever psychological treatment. 

For more statistics on traditional treatment models vs. virtual outpatient visit Lionrock Recovery.  

To learn more about how to incorporate online and virtual aftercare programs into your existing treatment program, watch our latest webinar, “Reduce Relapse & Readmission Rates with Video Chat”.